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     Attorney Gilbert G. Garcia has been successfully representing clients for 37 years. He has served clients who need a criminal attorney in Montgomery County for over 30 years. Gilbert Garcia has the experience and certification that you need - he has been Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for 26 years and has litigated thousands of cases over the last 37 years.

     Attorney Garcia offers free initial interviews and is available nights and weekends to help clients through difficult times. When you meet with Attorney Garcia and his staff, you will quickly see that they are dedicating to each client. Attorney Garcia has been conveniently located on the court house square in Conroe, Texas for 30 years. This vast experience with the Montgomery and Walker County courts, Judges, prosecutors and probation helps get the best possible result for each client.

     "It sounds cliché, but I head to work each day driven to aggressively seek fairness and justice for my clients," says Attorney Garcia. "When people are charged with a crime, it can be a frightening experience. Most people feel out of control. My mission is to provide exceptional defense for every client. I hope to enhance the client's ability to have a productive life by finding a solution that fits each client's personal situation.".

     It's HIGH time to end prohibition of weed in Texas. The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm will aggressively FIGHT any marijuana charge in the state of Texas on your behalf. We have established unique and effective strategies for those busted with pot. Don't plea guilty and get burned!

     Montgomery County criminal attorney Gilbert G. Garcia aggressively defends adults and juveniles accused of felony and misdemeanor charges including cases related to alcohol, drug, assault, property, sex offenses, theft, probation violations, Early Termination of Probation, Expunctions, Order of Non-disclosure and all other types of criminal matters. He warns that those charged with a crime should also be aware of noncriminal consequences that must be quickly addressed as a result of the accusation alone.

     The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm is uniquely dedicated to helping each client and his/her family get the help needed. Attorney Garcia passionately pursues each client's best defense, personally manages each case and aggressively seeks the best possible solution for each client. Over 37 years of experience has taught Attorney Garcia that clients and families often need more resources than just legal representation. The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm has built a network of highly trained professionals that are ready to assist clients and families with other life challenges such as addiction, parenting/relationship issues, anger management and other life skills needed to address the root cause of the legal problem.

     If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime in Montgomery or Walker County, time is of the essence in a situation like this. One should promptly contact and hire a Montgomery County criminal lawyer. This will allow for the best defense possible; as evidence can be preserved, driving privileges can be defended and the journey towards a successful resolution can begin. Delay won't make the problem 'go away' but could instead increase the severity of the situation," says Attorney Garcia.

Arrested in Montgomery and need an experienced, board certified Criminal Defense Lawyer?

     Attorney Gilbert G. Garcia has over THREE decades of experience in the criminal courts of Montgomery and Walker Counties. Attorney Garcia has experience with a wide variety of criminal matters including: driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), boating while intoxicated (BWI), public intoxication (PI), intoxication assault/manslaughter, open container, minor in possession (MIP), providing alcohol to a minor, disorderly conduct, driving while license suspended or invalid, fictitious/counterfeit inspection or tag, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance, possession of dangerous drug, manufacturing or delivery of controlled substance/dangerous drug, murder, criminally negligent homicide, criminal trespass, online solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, enticing a child, prostitution, indecency with a child, sexual assault, assault, assault family violence, assault on a public servant, harassment, retaliation, unlawful restraint, theft, fraud, forgery, shoplifting, burglary, prohibited weapons, evading arrest, failure to ID, interference with emergency call, false report to a peace officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest/detention, tampering with evidence, duty of striking fixture, street racing, failure to stop and render aid, robbery, abuse of official capacity/information, breach of computer security, gambling, deadly conduct, organized crime, criminal mischief, terroristic threat, probation violations such as a Motion to Revoke or a Motion to Adjudicate, and all other juvenile crimes. Other matters related to criminal charges include: order to release interlock, occupational license and ALR hearings.

     With a tight job market and with so many arrests, Attorney Garcia has also seen a steady increase in clients who wish to have their criminal record erased through Orders of Non-disclosure or Expunctions. Many people also wish to file an order for early termination of community service/probation. In today's economy, it is even more important than ever to have a Clean Criminal Record - it can be critical for certain jobs, certifications, specializations, home rental or ownership, access to credit, acceptance to college and much more. Contrary to popular belief, these records are not cleared automatically with the passing of time, but require the filing of a Petition in Court. Expunctions are designed for people that have been given a pretrial diversion, dismissal, Class "C" Misdemeanor Deferred Adjudication or were found not guilty/acquitted. A Motion for Non-disclosure is designed for those that have satisfactorily completed the terms of a Felony or Misdemeanor deferred adjudication probation. Attorney Garcia also handles sealing juvenile records.

Why Hire The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm? A Trusted Name & the Experience You are looking for.

     Montgomery County criminal lawyer Gilbert G. Garcia has aggressively pursued justice for hundreds of clients just like YOU. His 37 years of legal experience and 26 years as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization helps to ensure that you have the best defense possible.

The Right Fit.

     A criminal case can have many life-long consequences and the right attorney can make a dramatic difference. When your future is on the line, you need an attorney that will passionately pursue justice and aggressively seek a fair resolution for you. This is why Attorney Garcia personally manages each case and will seek to find a solution that best meets your needs.

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