Assault Family Violence

Assault - Family Violence, also referred to as domestic violence, is physical, mental, or emotional that occurs within a family setting. Domestic abuse may occur between spouses, co-habitants, parents, children, and siblings.

Family violence assault is usually classified as a misdemeanor. However, charges may be enhanced if the victim is a minor, if the victim sustained serious bodily injury, if the accused has a prior criminal record, or if the accused has prior family violence conviction or accusations.

A conviction for a family violence assault will prohibit the person convicted from possessing a firearm for life.

Assault and Criminal Sentencing

Any person who is convicted of assault, aggravated assault, or family violence may be sentenced with jail or prison time, fines, probation, and community service. Additionally, the person may have to adhere to the terms of a court issued restraining order, order of protection and/or conditions of bond

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