As you determine your eligibility for record relief, please take the time to review all available information on record relief for the state(s) in which you have charges. Each person's case is different, and even those individuals with identical charges may not be eligible for the same relief when other factors come into play, such as time elapsed and previous convictions.

Every state offers some form of relief from the impact of a criminal record. Each state, however, approaches relief differently. The range of possible forms of relief includes:

  • Total expungement of the record
  • Your record may be sealed, limiting access to law enforcement
  • An amendment of the criminal record that reflects the individual was pardoned by the State Governor. This is what's known as an executive clemency.
  • A certificate stating no criminal charges have been filed against you for the last several years.
  • Additionally, some states have certificates available for good conduct and relief from disabilities.
  • Restoration of Rights, including voting and firearms ownership.

The majority of individuals with a criminal record will be eligible for some form of relief either now or at some point in the future. Please note that if you do not appear to be eligible today, you may simply need to allow enough time to pass since your conviction to meet your state's requirements.

In every case, we will provide you with the forms necessary to apply for the maximum relief allowed under state, military and federal laws based on your eligibility.

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