Ex-Offender Programs

The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm is not only dedicated to helping you clean your criminal record, but our ultimate goal is to help you have a new lease on life and secure gainful employment, receive necessary training, as well as reintegrate smoothly back into society.

Texas is a state in which little is offered in terms of re-entry programs for the ex-offender. In fact, the ex-offender, especially those who are educated, are rarely offered any type of assistance in terms of housing or employment. With the criminal code in Texas providing for over 2,300 acts being classified as felonies, those who engage in criminal conduct are often left with little hope for re-entry into society. The links on this page are provided as a service to viewers of this website; however, The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm does not intend for such links to be referrals to or endorsements of the linked entities, or any information which is made available thereby.

Barriers to Employment
Ex-offenders face many barriers to employment. Most ex-offenders re-enter the outside world with little money, no housing, no credit, no transportation, no driver's license, no documents, no insurance, and no appropriate clothes for job interviews and work settings. In addition, several federal laws specify certain occupations that are off-limits or restricted for individuals with various types of criminal convictions, and certain jobs require mandatory criminal background checks for public safety purposes. Among these are:

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance industry
  • High-level positions in unions and companies managing employee benefit plans
  • Health care services that receive Medicare and Medicaid payments, and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Child care
  • Prisoner transportation services
  • Aviation
  • Law enforcement and other criminal justice

Immediate Employment Assistance :
The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm provides immediate assistance to our clients by mailing a Notice of Intent, which is designed to explain to potential employers that our customers are working with us to find potential relief from their criminal record.

General Resources :
Criminon http://www.criminon.org/
An international non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and restoring the criminal's self-respect through effective drug detoxification, education and common sense programs. Criminon offers programs that include life and thinking skills and educational courses as well as a full drug rehabilitation component in non-institutional settings. Criminon has programs designed for diversionary/probation, incarceration and re-entry/parole settings.

NAACP www.naacp.org The NAACP has criminal justice goals of ensuring that incarcerated and released felons have access to appropriate voting, education, job training and civic participation resources.

Narconon South Texas www.lifewithoutdrugs.net

The National Urban League http://www.nul.org

Brennan Center for Justice www.brennancenter.org

American Civil Liberties Union http://www.aclu.org

People for the American Way http://www.pfaw.org/pfaw/general

Community Education Centers Inc. http://www.cecintl.com/

National HIRE Network http://www.hirenetwork.org/admin/clearinghouse.php?state_id=TX

International Network of Prison Ministries http://prisonministry.net/

The Prison Journal Sage Publishing http://tpj.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/76/2/118

US Department of Labor Employment Information Handbook for Ex-Offenders http://www.exoffender.org/up/docs/Exohandbook.pdf

Texas Workforce: Project RIO (Re-Integration of Offenders) http://www.twc.state.tx.us/svcs/rio.html

National Institute for Justice: Project Re-Enterprise http://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles/texprog.pdf

Clothing Resources :
Dress for Success www.dressforsuccess.com
United Way of Greater Houston http://www.unitedwayhouston.org/
Montgomery County United Way http://www.mcuw.org/
Goodwill www.goodwill.org
Salvation Army www.salvationarmyusa.org

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Texas Workforce: Project RIO (Re-Integration of Offenders)


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