Occupational License Process

Client Information Sheet and TO DO LIST
  1. Client should immediately obtain a copy of your DRIVING RECORD from DPS. We will need driving records for the last 10 years from every state you have lived (as soon as possible);

  2. For Texas license, go to www.texasonline.state.tx.us, then go to TXDPS License Driver Records and fill out the form to request a Type 3.

  3. Obtain an SR-22 from your insurance company;

  4. List the Name and Address of your employer;

  5. Provide the last 3 digits of your Social Security Number;

  6. Provide the HOURS you need to drive or a log of the hours driven (You are allowed to drive 12 in a 24 hour period. The 12 hours may be straight or broken up any way you wish. The hours may change for different days);

  7. Provide the COUNTIES you need to drive in;

  8. Sign up for an alcohol/drug program prior to the hearing.

You MUST give all of the above information to the paralegal BEFORE NOON ON THURSDAY to schedule your hearing for the FOLLOWING TUESDAY, in a PENDING CASE. If you have already been CONVICTED, you WILL NOT have a hearing until the NEXT TUESDAY. You MUST APPEAR before the JUDGE and GIVE TESTIMONY at your hearing.

Our office will:

  1. Set the hearing for the Occupational License.
  2. Attorney will appear in court with the client.
  3. Send DPS/Austin a certified Order for Occupational License for the client along with the reinstatement fee, at no extra cost to the client.

DPS will send Client the Occupational License.

Texas Occupational Drivers License (ODL)

For more information on Occupational License Process Contact Gilbert Garcia today at 936-756-3333.

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