The Process

Protect your RIGHTS and your FUTURE!

Gilbert G. Garcia has over 32 years of legal experience in Texas and has been Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1989. Gilbert’s knowledge of the applicable law, the procedures of Texas courts and his dedication to those charged with a criminal offense helps you get the results you need.

In today’s economy, it is even more important than ever to have a Clean Criminal Record – it can be critical for certain jobs, certifications, State licenses/specializations, home rental or ownership, access to credit, acceptance to college and much more. Don’t let your PAST ruin your FUTURE. Contact our office to discuss your options for cleaning up your Criminal Record. Texas currently provides the following options for cleaning up a past criminal record:

  • Expunctions: Seals a Criminal Record from both Civilian and Governmental entities. Designed for people that were given a pre-trial diversion contract, dismissal, a NO Bill from the Grand Jury, Class “C” Misdemeanor Deferred Adjudication, received a pardon from the Governor or the President, were the victim of identity theft or were found not guilty/acquitted.
  • Orders of Non-Disclosure: Seals a Criminal Record from Civilian entities only. Designed for people that received and have satisfactorily completed deferred adjudication probation for a Felony or Misdemeanor.
  • Early termination of community supervision/probation: Allows people to return to their normal life and/or start the Record Cleaning process sooner. Designed for people that are successful at Community Supervision/Probation, paid all restitution, court costs and fines and has the support of his/her probation officer. You may be eligible if you have served at least ½ of probation. Early Termination of Probation and Record Sealing is an option for those that have received deferred adjudication probation. Early Termination of Probation is an option for those that have received straight probation.
Three Easy Steps could dramatically improve your life!

Step One: Initial Consultation & Record Retrieval Services
Complete the Confidential Record Cleaning Interview Questionnaire and submit it to our office for a personal initial interview regarding your case. We will perform a criminal record check, a background check, obtain the official court documents of the records you want cleaned and coordinate an initial case assessment interview with Gilbert G. Garcia.

Step Two: Record Retrieval Service
Once you have determined what course of action is right for you, then the petition or motion is prepared and filed with the clerk of court and sent to the District Attorney’s (DA’s) office and probation officer (if necessary). Gilbert G. Garcia then coordinates with the DA’s office for a case review, assessment and approval. Mr. Garcia coordinates with the court for an agreed order or sets a hearing with the court.

Step Three: Hearing Services
If the court requires a hearing, then Mr. Garcia or an associate attorney will prepare for the hearing, meet with the DA’s office and probation officer (if necessary), attend the hearing and fight on your behalf to get the Order/Petition entered and filed with the clerk’s office.

Costs are reasonable and personalized payment plans are available. Call us for additional details

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